Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Exhausting New Year.

Ok, so I had 5 goals last year.  
Goal 1 was to keep a list of 5 running goals.  Ok, I kept the list.
Goal 2 was to get my office/ studio in order.  I would do ok at cleaning it up, then a cabinet would throw up or beading gnomes would have a party with the sock gnomes in the middle of the night and ruin all my hard work.  (Yes, I am blaming my mess of a studio on imaginary creatures.)
Goal 3 was to get my belly/ body back in shape.  I am down 5 pounds, but not toned at all.  I did join a gym THIS YEAR.  At a joining fee of $99/ $10 a month.  I have gone once so far.  But I love trying to do my Couch-2-5K on the treadmill there.
Goal 4 was to keep the household better.  I have made huge strides in that area, but that has been in the past 6 weeks and not really "last year".  But it was more than just cleaning.  It was laundry, bill paying and just plain keeping up.  
Goal 5 was to work on my 2 homebased businesses.  I let go Votre Vu.  I did not have the time or money to keep it going.  My beading business had a great year.  I was not able to participate in any shows, but through Etsy and Facebook friends, I did sell!

These goals were in my head all year.  Even though I did not do much with them, they were there taunting me into be being better.  I will admit, because I did not get much accomplished last year, I am kicking butt THIS YEAR with those 5 goals.

Here is to 2013 and my 5 goals for this year!

Goal 1:  Get my office and studio cleaned up & and out!  Get my laptop down there.  Now that I have an Ipad, I do not think I need my laptop on the kitchen counter (along with all my bill-paying stuff) to create clutter that annoys my hubby.

Goal 2:  Spend 30 minutes with my boys a day.  Try not to have it include a TV or computer or them playing at the park while I sit there.

Goal 3:  For the month of February, go to the gym at least once a week.  March go at least twice a week.  April go three times a week.

Goal 4:  Eat more fruits and veggies.

Goal 5:  In an effort to hit many areas of my beading life at once, I am going to do the Fusion Beads Weekly Challenge that they started last year.  I will create or do whatever the challenge may be and then blog about it here.  I will try to use only what I have on hand.  Some of the challenges have the artist using a specific bead or product.  If that is the case, I will skip over that challenge and come back to it when I have over $25 worth of product to buy.  $25 is their free shipping limit.  I have loved Fusion Beads from the beginning of my beading journey.  They sucked me in with their "any size order has free shipping."  They just recently started having a minimum order free shipping policy.  They also have wonderful how-to's and an awesome inspiration gallery.  After I have completed the challenge, I will take photos of the piece of jewelry or task, blog about it here, and then post the jewelry piece on Etsy.

Let's see where this year takes me!  So far, it is just taking me to my day job.  The days have been long and exhausting.

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