Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mixed Metal Challenge

Fusion Bead Weekly Challenge for Jan 7 - 13 (Yes, I am a few weeks behind.)
Use Mixed Metal

This is my first challenge entry.  I have been creativity barren since late September.  I decided to try this challenge to get me back into the creativity realm, use up some of my supplies and get something of real interest on this blog!  Here goes!

I have a lot of supplies.  I knew I did not have to go out and buy anything special for this challenge.  I just needed to take items I already had and make something out their randomness.

I had a copper necklace that I had made for another project that did not sell.  I had these cool Tim Holtz metal scrapbook quotes that just seemed to stump me.  And two different tones of filigree.

I do not like extra holes on my pendants.  The Tim Holtz quotes had these grommet things on both sides.  I used one of the sides to attach it to the filigree.  The other side, I snapped off and sanded down for a more finished appearance. 

 At first, I attached these two pieces to the chain and thought I was done; however, I did not feel that I really showed a mixed metal project.  So, back down to my studio, where I found a matching filigree piece to the one I used, but with a different metal finish.

I thought about this challenge for a weekend on and off.  The time it actually took me to make the necklace was about 15 minutes.  It takes me longer to photograph the piece!

I hope you enjoyed my first challenge piece.  I think this would make a great graduation gift! Available at KABbeading.etsy.com for $15.

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