Saturday, January 9, 2010

Can't sleep....

The Three things that are bugging me and I can't stop thinking about.

1. My car may have just been diagnosed as "terminal." It has been my faithful companion in many trips these past 9 years. It has been with me through my first marriage, dating my current hubby, marring my current hubby and brought both of my babies home from the hospital.
So now I am trying to see if the manufacturer. extended warranty on this problem will be covered, but I think it will not. Where are we going to cough up the money for a new car? And is the Volkswagen "sign & drive" promotion still going on? And I am sooooo mad about putting a new timing belt in it last month!!!!
2. And my Etsy store is not doing as well as I had hoped. You get "buried" right away by all the other jewelry designers. I just had to pick the one thing that is just just loaded there. I don't have the time or money just to sit at the computer all day and relist.
3. My house needs a new roof. No extra money for a car payment, let alone a roof. Old houses are so much fun!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ok, it is THAT time. It is the New Year. Time for the list of resolutions. The LIST to a BETTER me. I f I could just barely improve the things than need improving, think my life would be better.
Here is the darned list:

1. Wake up at 6 am - no matter what. That way I have time to myself and the days I have to be in the office early, it is not such a shock to my system.
2. Be better organized. I have the office chair, cork board, dry erase board, files and the table top file holder. Now just to put it all in use!
3. Go to the gym. I have a membership that I went out and got when my first born arrived (almost 20 months ago.) I have gone 4 times. If i don't start going, I'll cancel my membership in March.
4. Build my Etsy business.
5. Keep my mouth shut at work. I really don't need to talk while I am there any way....
6. If I see a bed not made.... I will make it. (I could care less, but it would make my hubby soooo happy.)
7. At night, get my butt up and make sure my teeth are brushed, face is washed and hair is combed before going to bed. (If you have young children, you should be able to understand....)
8. Keep my nails nicely groomed. I kinda forget about them. I always make sure they are clean, but rarely do I paint them, file them, ect... I let them live their life.... and then i look down at my hands and half the nails have broke off and they are all different lengths... ah, yes it is time.
9. Try to get the HDepot account paid off by June. At 26.99% (and NEVER being late with a payment) it needs to get paid off.
10. Be happy with my hectic life, children, hubby, family and house.

Well, lets see how I do. Happy 2010!