Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Trend That Doesn't Go Away.... It Just Gets Reinvented

Mother's day is approaching.  My Mother In-law got a Pandora Bracelet for Christmas.  So, I am going to get her two beads with in the shades of the boys' birthstones and a "Grandma" bead.  Since I can not find a genuine Pandora "Grandma" bead, I am going with another company.  I have wholesale access to the beads, but have to have a minimum order of $100.  So, I am debating on doing my own charm/memory bracelet.
I really do think this is a jewelry trend that will never go away.  It just gets reinvented in a different way.  And with all the "charm companies" hitting the direct sales market,
So, the question is.... Pandora Style?  or Charm Bracelet Style?  I personally like the Charm Bracelet Style better.  But I think Pandora Style will be better for work.....  aurgh!  Decisions, decisions! 
But I guess I better make it fast!
If you are looking for any sterling silver charms or big hole beads for those Pandora-style bracelets and want to be included in my order, let me know!  There will be a mark-up, but all proceeds will go to my Relay For Life fundraising efforts!
I also need to get my Mom's "Grandma" Bracelet that I made for her re-made.  Another grandchild was born almost a year ago and I need to add her to the bracelet.  Below is the one I made for Mom.  The girls are the bi-cone shape Swarovski Crystals and the boys are round!  If anyone is interested in one of these, also please contact me ASAP of Mother's Day delivery!

I am probably going to put in my order for the charm bracelet beads on Monday, April 23.
If you are interested, contact me by e-mail: scooter-fd@hotmail.com

Saturday, April 7, 2012

March in Review....

I did not get everything accomplished.  I did not get ANYTHING accomplished.  We had staff at my day job on vacation and a ton of things going on at said day job.  When things get rocking at the funeral home, life at home stops.  I just don't have the time, energy or emotional power to "do it all."

As Far as my 5 Goals go.....

1.  Keep a running list of 5 goals.... yep, got it.  But, I am not finding the time to even work on the Goals.

2.  Get my office/ studio organised.  Ok, when I had the time, I did work on this one.  I was able to sit down at my workspace and go through some things.  I can even move my chair around!

3.  Work on my belly.  Not much in March, but April I should have a good update on this goal.

4.  Keep the household better.  HUGE FAIL on this one.  Including a bill getting paid late and a late fee.  Oh, which reminds me.... credit cards are due.....  And we are not going to have a visit from the Easter Bunny, it will be the Dust Bunny.

5.  Work on my two at-home businesses.  I have been doing more social networking on Facebook and Etsy.  I had one sale for KABbeading in March and 2 in April already.  February was still awesome!  But I am also participating in an auction for an Etsy friend of mine.  Lauren is raising money for Susan G. Komen with an auction on her Facebook site.  I have three pairs of my laminated earrings up for auction.  Currently at $3.50 and free shipping!
available through Tutu's & Tea Parties Auction for the Cure:  https://www.facebook.com/KABbeading#!/photo.php?fbid=336241616428106&set=a.336241543094780.93119.142834599102143&type=3&theater

Now, it is April.  Let us see what this month of re-birth will bring!