Sunday, February 26, 2012

"When you put pants on a dog, they crap in them."
Who knew a four year old would be so wise. And also totally state the obvious.  Proud Mom here, even if he does say the word "crap."

This month has been busy.  Busy at my day job, busy at home, busy with family stuff.  I still need to get that studio of mine cleaned out.  I am almost to the point of just taking all the clutter and putting it into plastic tubs and then just tackling the tubs one-by-one.  By doing this, I would have a clean slate, so I could start making and designing again.  BUT, I would have just moved the mess and not organised it.....  I'll see what I can get accomplished in the next few days.
I have had my best month on Etsy, so far (a few days left) and also sold a pair of $20 Swarovski Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings.

So, to give back,  I am going to give to two Charities.  30% of sales proceeds are going to  and another 30% is going to my American Cancer Society -- Relay for Life Fundraising efforts.  So, that is $32 for each!  Yay!

Please check out the Cholangiocarcinoma website, because it is Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month.  Cholangiocarcinoma is a rare cancer that is increasing in diagnosis in the US.  All donations made in the month of February will go 100% to research.

I will be back on Wednesday/Thursday with my End-Of-Month Goal Summary.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Etsy News!

I am having a BUSY, but fun week. I have received 2 Etsy orders. One was just a simple necklace to New York. The other order was my first wholesale earring order. My little "It's a Boy!!!" "It's a Girl!!!" earrings will be debuting at "A Star Is Born- 3D Ultrasound Studio" in Riviera Beach, Florida! My goal for my Etsy Site is to get $100 in orders this month. So far, I am at $76. For me and the over saturated Etsy jewelry market, this is a great month and to reach $100 is going to be hard. I still need to get my studio in working order. I would be able to be more focused and get plans and designs going better.

I have made another Etsy Milestone for me. I made a Treasury (I believe that this is what spawned Pinterest, a collection of items from Etsy with a theme) and it has received the most "Clicks" and "Admirers" for any Treasury I have ever done. And it is not one of the most viewed Treasuries I have made. Check it out!!!

If you haven't yet, look to the right -----} And go to my Facebook page for either KABbeading or Votre Vu (heck, just go to both) and click "Like!!!!" Every 50 increment "like" milestone, I will do a giveaway here on my blog. (Too many rules for a Facebook Giveaway.) I am at 124 for KABbeading....

I am feeling good. I have even started doing sit-ups. (GASP!!!!) The mom-group I am a part of started the fitness challenge. I think they got it off of Pinterest, but as a novice workout gal, it seems easy enough. You start out the month doing:
X - Push-ups
X - Sit-ups
X - seconds Planking
And everyday work your way up.
I almost died, when I couldn't complete 5 Sit-ups the first day..... I am currently at 12 reps of each. I knew I was out of shape, but this is ridiculous! Push-ups are an awesome all around exercise. I feel it all the way up and down my body. Hubby is joking that I will be rocking a bikini in Florida. I wouldn't go that far....

I am still working on my other goals and plans. Feels good to look and see things happening because of planning and working on "me."

Have you started your 5-Goal Plan yet?