Thursday, November 22, 2012

Some THING to be Thankful For

I read an article on Yahoo! News yesterday.  It really made me think about the best "thing" I have to be thankful for.... my marriage.
Can you imagine being married for 80 years?  I can't even imagine being 80 years old, let alone to share my life with someone on such an intimate level for 80 years.

Couple Celebrates 80th Wedding Anniversary, Shares Secrets to Lasting Marriage

     There have been events that have happened in the past few months that have made me realise that my marriage is pretty awesome.  It is not all "rosey" and perfect.  Far from that, but it is a great marriage.
From the article, the two most important things I agreed with was the couple's advice of:  
1. Get along and compromise 
2.  Live within your means.  
My third that is more the summary of the whole article is....
3.  Be supportive of your spouse.

     Getting along and compromising is the day to day mechanics of a marriage.  This also includes communication.  You probably can not read your spouses mind and your spouse probably can not read yours.  Honest and open communication is the most effective way to make sure you are meeting the needs of your spouse and your spouse is meeting your needs.  Getting along and discussing anything and everything leads to being able to compromise on the things you may not agree on.
     LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS is a huge blessing for those who have been able to do it.  We are totally guilty of not living within our means.  It leads to much stress and unnecessary arguments.  Now, we are trying to dig ourselves out of this financial hole we are in.  If you can learn this BEFORE you let it get out of hand, you are blessed.  If you can get yourself out of a financial abyss and still love and respect each other, you are also blessed.  Most couples can not.  
   Being supportive of your spouse and the spouse being supportive of you is the "BIG PICTURE" of a marriage.  Even though you may not have interest in your spouses special project at work, it is important to ask and become interested.  That project could lead to stress and anxiety OR a raise or a bonus.  Either way, you being aware of the project and being accommodating to other needs that may arise will only benefit
your marriage.  A "project at work" could be a stay at home spouse's charity work, cleaning and bill paying. Take an active interest in your spouse's interests.
     Even if you are not 100% supportive of an idea/project, that is where getting along and compromising comes in handy! Marriage is not easy.  It takes work, communication and understanding from both people.  I am blessed to have a husband who works with me and tries to understand my needs while letting me know his needs.  My final thought on this subject comes from Ann Betar, the bride of 80 years, "You know what your commitments are and you try to live by them and understand one another. If you don't hold a grudge, you can face anything." 
*** the article I read and quoted was written by Lauren Sher - Good Morning America.

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