Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yippee Dread

For those of us who craft and then sell our lovely creations, there is always that moment of dread.  The dread is there especially if you sell online. 

Yes, you have made your wonderful creation with supplies and creativity.  You lovingly take photos, crop said photos, cuss out the darn camera and editing software (maybe that is just me and the other jewelry sellers…) You put the listing on Etsy, E-bay or the other gazillion online shopping venues.  You wait for the right person to discover your lovely-extension-of-the-artist handmade piece. 

Then… it… happens… YOU GOT A SALE!!!  You are elated!  You get out your packaging.   You look at the item.  Everything is together, nothing is tarnished or broken.  Anything that is supposed to move, moves.  Yay!  Item either gets wrapped or placed in a jewelry box.  The packaged item gets a ribbon tied around it.  Business card gets tucked in under the ribbon.  Thank you card is written and sealed.  The “freebies” are selected.  (Right now, mine are handmade Breast Cancer Pins along with a more traditional enameled Pink Ribbon.)  Everything is placed in a padded envelope.  Envelope gets addressed.  Whew!  A lot of work, but no dread yet.

You drive said creation to the post office.  Yes, I prefer to go to the actual building and mail it personally.  The moment I hand the envelope to the Postal Attendant or put it in the drop-box-rolling-thing…that…is…when…the…dread…STARTS!!!

OMG!  Is anything going to happen during shipping?  Are they going to like it?  Are they going to hate it?  What if it breaks?  What if they say it doesn’t look like the picture (that, by the way was such a pain to get right)?  Am I talented?  Who would want to wear anything I made?  Are they going to think I charged too much?


Then, a few days later you may get an e-mail, convo or notice the feedback on your site of choice.  Relief sets in.  The simple positive transaction rating keeps me asking questions.  I do like it when people mention my packaging.  I always wonder about the customers I never hear from.  The best is when you get re-orders!  Total validation!  

This week, I did get one of the BEST E-MAILS EVER!!!!   


I just received my order...and can I just tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace.  I've worn it just today and have already gotten compliments on it! The other two items are for my daughters as Birthday gifts...they are very cute and I'm sure they will love them.  Now.....can you do earrings that would match/coordinate with the necklace...I don't have anything that would quite go with it.....what do you think? :D
Stephanie M.

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me.
Al Franken, Stuart Smalley in Saturday Night Live, catchphrase

***yes, I was a teenager all through out the 1990's....***


  1. Kelly,
    I love everything about this post, you are right on!!! And Stuart Smalley was the perfect way to close it up!!! (I always loved that skit!)

  2. I would say, that is my catch phrase. Just a reminder to keep going and not the "Negativity Monster" in my head win!