Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our $40 Date

Hubby and I have expensive taste.  We love good food, drink and ambiance.  Most of our date nights constist of eating really rich foods and drinking great wine or other adult beverages.  It is not uncommon to spend over $100 just on one meal for the two of us.
We have been noticing that we need to cut back on a few things.  Not just on our wallet, but also what we eat and drink!  So, last friday night we were trying to figure out something new to do. 

Mike had just been in downtown Joliet and noticed the banner for "Oklahoma" at Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park theatre.  He came home and we got the kiddo's to the grandparent's house. 
We went to the show  and had a great evening.  Yes, "Oklahoma" is long.  We had a nice lady keep reminding us about that all through out the second act.  BUT.... we have only seen theatre productions in Chicago since we have been together.  The $20 for the two tickets would not have even covered the parking in Chicago!
I would definately go back.

On the way back west on Route 30, we stopped for "dinner" at Joe's Hot Dogs at the 6 Corners intersection.  Hubby had his typical 2 hotdogs.  I had one hotdog and we shared a bag of fries.  The total of our meal came to:  $14 even!  Then back on Route 30 to keep going home....  I wanted someting sweet.  Hubby pulled into Sonic Drive-In in Crest Hill.  Milkshakes were half off....  so, two medium milkshakes were just over $4!

The most odd thing about our night was.... we did not have one alcoholic drink....  Maybe we are growing up!


  1. Sounds like fun! I love Oklahoma (yes.. I sang it as I typed it out...). I've only seen it on DVD, but I would love to catch a live show sometime!

    1. Yes, it was fun and any live show or concert is awesome! I love local productions (even if they are bad)!
      Oklahoma was not bad, just long!