Sunday, August 12, 2012

Filigree and Swarovski Button Earrings

This morning I sat down at my design table and just sat there.  Nothing in mind.  I started thinking about filigree and the few components I had on hand.  Then, I knew I had these small Swarovski Sew on Stones that I though would make easy earrings.  The bad thing about the stones was, the back of them was coated gray.  That is not good for a free dangling earring.  Sparkle side -- blah gray side....  But if I attached them to filigree, then you wouldn't notice the gray side as much.  I took out the single pieces of filigree and realized that the stones were too small of scale to go with them.  Then I saw a filigree ring that I had flattened.  I don't know why or when I had flattened it.... it was just there.  I liked the shape of the ends of the "ring". 

I took a picture of earrings I already made and an unflattened ring.

I then took the ring and with a simple pair of scissors, I cut the filigree in the shape was appealing to me.  

 I took apart the original pair of earrings and reused all the components and added one 
                                jump ring to attach
 the Swarovski stone to the filigree. 

I am really happy that the filigree helps cover and hide the icky gray side of the stone.  I am also ecstatic that I was finally able to figure out a different use for the filigree rings.  

I have really wanted to work with and experiment with filigree, but always allowed myself get stumped.  I was afraid.  I don't know why I would be afraid!  In jewelry making (and most things crafty) usually you can always re-use and re-purpose projects that don't come out "just right".  


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