Saturday, May 19, 2012

30 Items in 30 Days Items 3, 4, & 5

So maybe May wasn't the month to try this.  With a vacation in the beginning of the month, a wicked cold to follow,  outside family stress, now sick kiddos, working full time.... aurgh!

But here are items 3, 4 & 5:

ITEM 3:  Shades of Green Badge Lanyard

Supplies used:  Pre-strung plastic beads, jump ring and lanyard clip

Goals accomplished:  1.  Used up left over beads from another project
2.  Created something I have never made before

I went down to clean up my counter tops of my office.  I had in my hand the green beads.  I looked at the lanyard clip.  Within two minuets, I had created this badge lanyard.  Woo-hoo!

ITEM 4:  Pink Ribbon Find a Cure Earrings

Supplies used:  Images, laminating machine, laminating sheet, head pins, pink Czech crystals, stamping pad, stamp, hypoallergenic ear wire.

Goals accomplished:   1.  new item listed   

I made three pairs of pink ribbon themed earrings for an Etsy-Facebook Friend's Breast Cancer Fundraising Auction.  Two sold and this pair did not sell.  So, onto Etsy they will go! 

ITEM 5:  Beaded Necklace with Crystal Copper "Wild Heart" Pendant

Supplies used:  "Wild Heart" Swarovski Pendant, seed beads, copper clasp, copper wire, jewelry wire

Goals accomplished:  1.  New item listed  2. A creation no longer sitting with my completed projects

I made this necklace for a craft show that I was in last December.  It got packed away with all the completed items to be sold.  Ahhhh... now it is added to my Etsy shop! 

I have added one more item, but I think three items in one blog post is more than enough.  I was also featured in Treasury Island Team (Etsy) spotlight on Wednesday.  The wonderful team-mates there made 12 treasuries featuring different items.  I hope the exposure will lead to a few sales.  In one of the treasuries is an item I would like to get hubby for either Father's Day or his birthday. 
I typically use my Etsy sales to buy supplies or gifts.

Maybe I can salvage this Challenge!  I just really want 100 items in my shop by the end of the month (currently at 91)!

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