Sunday, May 6, 2012

30 Items in 30 Days Challenge - Item 1

I have a major issue.  My Etsy shop needs a boost.  I have a room full of supplies.  So, I have decided to challenge myself to get 30 new items listed in 30 days.  So far, I have found three pieces that are not in my shop and I have made one new item that I have never made before.

I received my challenge inspiration from Fusion  In March, they had a 30 day jewelry challenge. Some of it, just didn't appeal to me. So I took 30-something pieces of paper and wrote different things on them to create. Or ideas for a project. (for example: make a necklace, use up left over beads, make a badge lanyard, use a problem pendant, ect...) I did put in 4 of the same peices of paper for: Make a necklace, make earrings, make bracelet. The "basics" of jewelry.

Also, any sales for this month, all profits will go to my Relay For Life fundraising.

So here goes!!!!


Item 1 --  Earth-tone Lampwork Donut Pendant with Messy Wrapped Bail on a Beaded Chain

Supplies used:
  Lampwork donut focal bead made by local artist, copper wire, beading wire, copper crimp beads, copper jump rings, copper clasp.

Goals accomplished:
1.  New item listed
2.  Start of my CHALLENGE.

This necklace was made before the holidays.  I made two other similar necklaces and they both have sold: one at a craft show and another on my Etsy Shop.  I especially love the pendant made by local artist Sarah Fisher.  The iridescent earth tones are so beautiful!  The seed bead mix complements the pendant perfectly.  I had fun with the free-form nature of the messy wrapped bail.  Necklace is 18 inches long with a 2 inch pendant drop.

That is the start of the challenge.  Anything you would like to see?  Any other information I should add?
Have a great weekend!

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