Saturday, January 25, 2014

Been out of the "Loop"

I feel so bad!  I let life fly by and stopped writing new posts!  I just looked today and saw some awesome feedback!  If I would have checked in, those comments would have helped keep me on track and in "the loop"!

Some of my feedback:

Very informative and interesting post.It is really a big help. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Custom Beading Bead andTrim on Weekly Challenge 3: Use Tila Beads
Fantastic blog, Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this.  Weekly Challenge 3: Use Tila Beads

I can not believe I have not wrote a new post in over 6 months!  I have learned a few new things and branched out a bit.  I now have a little more direction in my jewelry!

A little re-cap:  After Mother's Day, I went on a little creative hiatus.  I just felt spent.  I didn't make anything new until September.  I was getting ready for a craft show at my son's school.  I was bestowed a huge amount of handmade glass beads by Sarah Jane Fisher

 Anytime I make anything with one of Sarah's beads, the piece sells!!!  I utilized her beads, my new found love of messy wrap wire work, some Christmas themed odds and ends I have complied and had a very successful show  I even had another person selling jewelry ask me if I though my pieces were too "edgy" for the show!?!  I loved that question!  Me, edgy....?!?  I am a conservative funeral director!  And the show was at my son's Catholic School.  The funniest thing, after her asking me about my "edgy creations", our Priest's wife came over and bought 3 necklaces from me for Christmas presents!  ***Yes, our priest is married.***  I just wish I would have taken photographs of the necklaces.  I did not think all three would sell and I would have to photograph them for Etsy.  After the show, I took more time off of beading and jewelry design.

(My messy wrap ends and handmade necklace closure)

I am now ready to get back into it!  I have recently obtained my wholesale account with Vintaj Natural Brass and received my first order.  This weekend I actually created my first piece (but more on that in my next post!)  I also bought a Vintaj Big Big Kick Machine, Vintaj Patina Kit by Ranger and a whole bunch of Martha Stewart Jewelry Enamels and Jewelry Glaze (on clearance at Michaels).  The photo is of my first group of Vintaj Blanks that were run through the Big Kick with the Nouveau Roses Die and treated with the Vintaj Patina in Weathered Copper.

Photo: Long week!  Today is my day off from my day job.  I have a few orders to complete, but I wanted to share my new jewelry technique!  I love this! I can take blank tags and emboss them and then patina or color to show off the richness of embossing!

So many new items and techniques!  More to come!

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