Monday, January 27, 2014

January Story Starter

I read a blog (sorry, I can't find it again...) about tips to help write Facebook posts that encourage interaction.  The post suggested a monthly story starter.  You start a story and have your "Likee's" add sentences to keep the story going!  I am going to do it every month in 2014 to try to keep people seeing my FB posts!  I also decided to give a 30% off coupon to one of my contributors!  Here is my follow up with the winner of the coupon and the whole story!

 A special "Thank You" to everyone who participated in my January Story Starter! Here is the story in a continual format! And picked Sandy  B. as the winner of the 30% off coupon!

Photo: Happy New Year!  Here is the story starter!  Read the other comments and add a sentence or two!
 "As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew it would be difficult to keep my New Year's Resolution...."
As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew it would be difficult to keep my New Year's Resolution.... Cookies, candy and cakes leftover from Christmas littered my counter tops. So I made myself a cup of coffee, and said, "Maybe just one will be okay." But none of those would do the trick. So I headed over to the fridge. After seeing one too many leftovers, I decided I needed to do something different. I picked up my car keys and out the door I headed. I actually drove to the gym, but wasn't sure if I actually wanted to go in. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided that it was time to do it. So I drove down the street to see if I could get 1/2 price chocolate Santa’s at Walgreens. All of the left over candy had already been marked down to 90%. The choices were slim. I took this as a chance to rethink what I was doing. Time to take a deep breath and move on. Just as I was moving on, I caught a mysterious looking fellow peering at me from the end of the aisle. Why is he looking at me like that? Is he a customer? Is he a security Officer? Do I know this person? Ha, ha! I noticed he was my chocoteer, Steve, my "fix" for dove chocolate. Well, if I am going to be bad, I might as well make a better choice and purchase just a bit from Steve. As I am paying for my purchase, a woman hands me a note as she leaves the store. The note says "your chocolate drop is on camera.” I exclaim, "It's just chocolate! That's not illegal!" It was my personal trainer, laughing at me. "Just try. BE BETTER." - the end

My "Likee's" of Facebook wrote this story a few sentences at a time!  I came up with my 2014 Mantra:  Be better!

Being better just encompasses everything!  I even designed a necklace to illustrate my mantra and use some of my new supplies and techniques!

Bee Better Necklace
available on Etsy!!!!

I have selected the first sentence of my February Story Starter!  I can't wait to see how that story goes!
Bee (pun intended) sure to like my KABbeading Facebook Page to bee able to participate and get entered to win a 30% off coupon!

(The above necklace, I utilized Vintaj
P290 - 22mm Altered Blank - Small Rectangle, DP120 - 17x13mm Busy Bee Charm, JR40R - 7.25mm Jump Rings and JR20R - 4.75mm Jump Rings,  a stamping set from Hobby Lobby, and Martha Stewart Jewelry Glaze in Sea Green.)  I did not receive any money or product for free.  

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