Thursday, June 13, 2013

Challenge of a Challenge!

I am a Member of BAM - Business Among Moms.  It is a wonderful resource for moms who have businesses to try to promote, share ideas and grow our businesses.  Then there are sub-groups for a more local reach.  The leader of my local group, BAM-Chicago, decided to challenge us all to post in our blogs for 7 days straight.  Here is to my challenge!
I am going to blog for 7 days!  This is day one!  I hope to get a little further ahead with my "Fusion Beads - Weekly Bead Challenge"...    and let everyone know what I have been up to lately!
Is there anything you want me to blog about?  Anything you don't want me to blog about?  (PL:EASE COMMENT!!!!)   I know the sub-title to this blog is Beading, Babies and Hubby....  but my babies are now little boys and the hubby is still putting up with me!  I may also blog a little about my "other life" as a embalmer married to a funeral director.... but, I feel a bit private about that.

Now, Just an update on what I have been up too....
My beading business has had the BEST YEAR EVER so far!!!  I can thank my wonderful online Mom-friends for asking custom orders!  Because of these wonderful women,

I have made Pea Pods....

Custom Coin Jewelry from coins given by a grandfather to his granddaughter....

And custom Father's Day Key Chains...

These women have challenged me and made me push my boundaries.  I am so blessed to have these crazy women in my life!  Thank You, Ladies...  sometimes, "Ladies" is a term not appropriate for the group  -- ahem... Marilou... but there is plenty of drama, suspense, advice and hilarity. 


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