Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Etsy-Style

I know I should have done this last week or two weeks ago.
I have searched Etsy and come up with 5 wonderful gift ideas for Dads!  Now, some of them may seem hoity-toity, but my hubby is slightly hoity-toity.... so, viola!  But, these ideas would also be great for a hubby's, dad or grandpa's birthday, too!  (Etsy is a global handmade market place.  Most of the shops work hard at making items that you may not be able to find at the local super store!  Support Etsians -- Support Hardworking People Trying to Keep it Real Handmade.)

So here we go!

Dad T-Shirt  $28.75 - $30.75 (Personalized)
Comes in different colors!  This has been a favorite of mine for awhile!  Also, available in "Grandpa."

Mach3 or Venus Razor Shaving Set with Stand and Handturned with Cocobolo Wood $70.95
This is a tried and true!  (I have not purchased from this particular store, but I have purchased one similar from another Etsy Shop.)  I have purchased two of these sets for my hubby in the past!  And if you ever have priced these out, the $70.95 is a wonderful deal!  Individual razors starting at $22.95.

Bee Cufflinks - Natural History Jewelry  $35.00
My husband wears french cuff shirts everyday.  So, this is another tried and true for me.
On Etsy, you can find cufflinks with just about ANYTHING on them including Star Wars, Ninetendo themes, animals, Celtic themes, maps, personalised....  If you search for it, you will probably find it!

Whiskey Shower soap - Scotch Scented Bourbon Bar Soap  $7.00
This is just a fun addition!  Many other alcohol scents available!

Personalized Father's Day Gift Collar Stays Hand Stamped Initials Monogram Saying Custom Men's Gift Set of 2  $15.00
Way too cute!  I don't have a daughter, but this is totally true!  They also have collar stays that can be personalised with your child's names.  Collar Stays are another tried and true that every man needs if he wears a dress shirt on a regular basis.  This shop also features guitar picks, tie clips and golf markers that can be personalised.

So, there you go!  Men's gifts Etsy-Style!  Please visit Etsy whenever you are thinking of gifts or looking for specific ideas!  What is your favorite gift idea that I found?  What has been an awesome gift you gave your Hubby, Dad or Grandpa?  (Please comment... hint... hint.... wink... nod~!)

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