Monday, March 26, 2012

What is this all about?

I read everywhere that if you are trying to run a home-based business:  START A BLOG!
And if you are a mom:  START A BLOG!
So, I decided to START A BLOG!!!

I have not had much direction.  I was not sure where I wanted it to go.  I have done some research and homework.  It seems, most people have the "Cute, Funny Kids Blog,"   or the "I-Have to-Keep-You-Updated-Because-Something-Terrible-Is-Happening Blog,"  or the "Totally Business Blog."  I really don't fit into those Blog-Types as just one.
Yes, I am a mom with cute and funny kids.  I see and feel sad things everyday.  And I have two home-based businesses that I am trying to get off the ground.  So, I am going to be that MissMashSquash Everything Together Blog!
Also, I have been using this blog to keep me grounded and and accountable to my goals! 
I am going to try to update once a week.  Some weeks it may be something about KABbeading,  other weeks it may be a product review of a favorite go-to product (mmmm.... maybe a Votre Vu product....) or maybe it would be inspired by the Brothers Boyd.
But, one feature I have liked writing is the Month Review of My Five Goals!  I have not been able to actually say that I have completed a goal, but I have made steps here and there.  And I have been trying to better myself and my situation.

So, keep me in mind!  Better yet, subscribe to my blog!  You never know what I may be babbling about next!

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