Friday, March 2, 2012

The month of February is over.  My 5-Goal Plan is still in place, even though I may not have accomplished much. 
Goal 1 - keep 5 goals in place and work on them --- DOING....  WORKING ON......
Goal 2 - Get my studio/office organised and in "working order."  HUGE FAIL!!!!!  So, for March I am just going to get it in working order so I can start designing again and using up some of the supplies I have found.
Goal 3 - Get belly in shape.  I STARTED.... then stopped.  Yep, right when I actually started to see results.   Oh well.  New month, new try.  I think I may want to try a 5-k.... I am still thinking about that one.
Goal 4 - Keep household better.  I THINK I AM DOING BETTER.  I just hate bill paying and with vacation planning and the new-roof project..... I am a tad bit overwhelmed with it all.  But I am current in Quicken....
Goal 5 - Work on KABbeading and Votre Vu more.  I am very pleased with my KABbeading work this month.  A wholesale order to Florida.  A necklace to New York.  Bracelet to California.  Earrings to Plainfield!  I was able to donate (from my KABbeading earnings) $32 to and another $32 to may own Relay for Life.  Votre Vu..... not so much.  But at least I get a great discount....

Now, on to March.  I would like to get at least 1 new item onto Etsy a week.  That would cover Goals 2 & 5.  I would like to start walking again -- Goal 3. 

I have already made a $9 sale on KABbeading.  I would love to make or beat last month.....  We shall see. 

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