Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I read a book

Not having a lot of free time or a way to connect with other new moms when I was pregnant with Michael, I joined a pregnancy message board. It was organised first by due date months. This board made me realise that all these goofy things going on in my body were normal. As the babies were born, we talked about the milestones, crazy family members, vents about hubbies, the thoughtful things our hubbies may have done. We built relationships that have evolved. My due date board that I had when I was pregnant with Michael, has had a few meet ups. Including a trip to the Wisconsin Dells.
We "met" other moms from the other due date threads as advice or WWYD type questions came up. We would pray for each other and try to support each other during trying times. And also annoy each other for fun.....
Then, MSN decided to do away with our message board. Now, we are a "secret group" in Facebook with a few sub-groups. One of the sub-groups is a Book Club. Since the addition of the kiddo's, I have not managed to read a real adult themed book in about 3 years. When the suggestion of a Book Club came up, I was excited to attempt to find time to read again. We are not organised, but I did take a suggestion from a member to read "The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson (non-fiction).
I am a fan of fiction. Most recently, I have read "Harry Potter" or Dean Koontz. I have always looked at non-fiction as bland. This book was anything but bland.
I am not going to give up any of the interesting nuggets of this descriptive novel. Some of the parts were amazingly beautiful and others were disturbing. It is amazing on what got accomplished in three years in Chicago at the turn of the century. Essentially this is a tale of two inter twinning stories. One story is magnificent and inspiring tale of the people and event known as the 1893 World's Fair. The other story is a tale that would have happened anyway, but the World's Fair added fuel and "resources" to a sinister mind.
Wonderful story telling by Mr. Larson. I am happy his story sucked me in. I am happy I was able to read an adult book within a week!
Now, the new challenge is to read as many books in the TIMES -100 Greatest Novels list. http://www.listal.com/list/times-100-greatest-novels-1923
Listal has the books in alphabetical order.
I have the "Adventures of Augie March" by S. Bellow, already checked out and on my bedside table. I have decided, if I can't "get into" the book, then I will skip it. I will chronicle my journey through the list. Maybe someone would care to join me? This seems like a fun challenge. Like I NEED any more challenges.....

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