Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here is to the New Year! I have a few “Goals!” The word “resolution” just screams “fail!” to me.

The First Goal is to have a “Running List of 5 Goals” As one Goal is met or becomes a habit, then a new goal is determined.

Second Goal: Is to get my office/ design studio cleaned and organised. Right now it totally feels like something out of “Hoarders”! Step here, here, squeeze through…. Oh it is terrible. I just need to be able to find things. Yesterday, I got the three drawers cleaned out and I made garbage! It is a start!

Third Goal: Work on getting my “C-Section Belly” back into shape! I don’t even want to think about that one…..

Fourth Goal: Keep the household better. I have been terrible about keeping up with cleaning and bills. The house still looks great from the Christmas clean up, so I just need to keep up with the cleaning at least once a week (Hubby does the upkeep & de-cluttering— CONSTANTLY)!

Fifth Goal: Work on my two at-home-businesses, more! I get so many great ideas, but then don’t follow through. One part of this goal is to blog more. I have a blog about my jewelry and a blog about Votre Vu (a new direct sales skincare comapany that has wonderful products! I’m not biased or anything…..)

Here is to a New Year! May it be an organised and prosperous year!

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  1. I think writing it down is the first step to accomplishing your goals! I too am trying to blog more, hopefully it will just become on the list of daily chores! Good luck, I'm sure this will be a great new year!!