Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Cooked Something!

I cooked something AND it was easy AND it tasted great!

I am not a Suzie Home-Maker by any means.  When I have a day off from work, Hubby will come home and thank me for NOT cooking!  My last day off, I wanted to cook.  I looked in the cabinets and found a can of cannelloni beans.  Performed a simple Google search and found this awesome recipe!!! 


1 deep skillet, a handful of ingredients!  YUMMO!  Did I mention that I hate beans.  I even ate the beans. Simple, flavorful, filling and healthy!

We are also in the process of purging our basement of useless things we have collected down there.  One item was a bread-maker.  I got that baby out and even made homemade bread!  That is also pictured above!  I had everything on hand except for the Escarole.  I made a quick trip to our local fruit and vegetable peddler, Peter Rubi and got that all important healthy ingredient!

Go me!  Maybe I can become a Domestic Goddess!  Here is what my Hubby Posted on FaceBook about my cooking feat:  

I don't believe it. I came home and had this. I'm calling the Vatican tomorrow because I believe my wife has been possessed.

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