Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Etsy News!

I am having a BUSY, but fun week. I have received 2 Etsy orders. One was just a simple necklace to New York. The other order was my first wholesale earring order. My little "It's a Boy!!!" "It's a Girl!!!" earrings will be debuting at "A Star Is Born- 3D Ultrasound Studio" in Riviera Beach, Florida! My goal for my Etsy Site is to get $100 in orders this month. So far, I am at $76. For me and the over saturated Etsy jewelry market, this is a great month and to reach $100 is going to be hard. I still need to get my studio in working order. I would be able to be more focused and get plans and designs going better.

I have made another Etsy Milestone for me. I made a Treasury (I believe that this is what spawned Pinterest, a collection of items from Etsy with a theme) and it has received the most "Clicks" and "Admirers" for any Treasury I have ever done. And it is not one of the most viewed Treasuries I have made. Check it out!!!

If you haven't yet, look to the right -----} And go to my Facebook page for either KABbeading or Votre Vu (heck, just go to both) and click "Like!!!!" Every 50 increment "like" milestone, I will do a giveaway here on my blog. (Too many rules for a Facebook Giveaway.) I am at 124 for KABbeading....

I am feeling good. I have even started doing sit-ups. (GASP!!!!) The mom-group I am a part of started the fitness challenge. I think they got it off of Pinterest, but as a novice workout gal, it seems easy enough. You start out the month doing:
X - Push-ups
X - Sit-ups
X - seconds Planking
And everyday work your way up.
I almost died, when I couldn't complete 5 Sit-ups the first day..... I am currently at 12 reps of each. I knew I was out of shape, but this is ridiculous! Push-ups are an awesome all around exercise. I feel it all the way up and down my body. Hubby is joking that I will be rocking a bikini in Florida. I wouldn't go that far....

I am still working on my other goals and plans. Feels good to look and see things happening because of planning and working on "me."

Have you started your 5-Goal Plan yet?

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